“I’d like to borrow a metaphor from the great poet and mystic Rumi who talks about living like a drawing compass. One leg of the compass is static. It is fixed and rooted in a certain spot. Meanwhile, the other leg draws a huge wide circle around the first one, constantly moving. Just like that, one part of me is based in Istanbul, it has strong local roots. Yet at the same time the other part travels the world, feeling connected to several cities, cultures and peoples”  (Shafak, 2012).


If I could choose any quote in the world it would be the above as it best represents me. I grew up in Australia but regularly travelled to Turkey growing up spending months at a time in Ankara. I grew up with two completely different parents. My father an educated business man,  taught me politics, values, morals and instilled hard work.  On the other hand,  my mother who tended to my disabled brother,  she read coffee cup grounds to her friends,  believed in the evil eye and melted lead into mysterious shapes as a way to eliminate evil spirits.

Without realising I adopted a strong Turkish culture heavily influenced by my parents. My heart regularly roams the earth and so this blog is a collection of my travels, fashion, insight, food, adventure, photography, architecture, history and culture.  Enjoy!

o, eminim


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