B r e a t h e.

“He was a silent fighter, 

With a demon in his lung, 

That stole his breaths right from him, 

Before they’d hardly passed his tongue. 

She was a silent fighter, 

Who was always taught to share, 

And held her breath when she was with him, 

Just so he could have her air”.

I saw this quote recently and it completely describes my life. I have a brother who has been battling asthma his whole life, but for the last 3 years it has become so chronic that he has been admitted countless times to Intensive Care Unit for several weeks at a time. The last one, the hardest one to accept, the most tragic experience of all was probably the most difficult four weeks of my life.

It  occurred while we were overseas, and unfortunately he was in hospital for 4 weeks. The lows, cries, moments and thoughts were all so hard to accept. We endured the most hardest things, especially being in a different country made it the hardest. Although the doctors and nurses were so lovely, some were not. I guess we needed the hard reality but also needed to be positive, we were certain that our brother, our son will make out of this alive even though at times it was rather challenging.

We were told that his heart was working over time compensating for his deficient lungs. His heart was momentarily stopped. We were told to be prepared that we may lose him, that his situation was critical and to notify all family members.  Everyday I prayed that I would do anything to trade places with him, that I would donate my lungs just so he wouldn’t have his last breath which got me thinking about the function of our lungs.

Breathing, such a simple task we take for granted. Something that we are unconsciously completing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For some though, it is the biggest challenge. Here’s to all those individuals who battle with asthma, COPD, emphysema and other lung diseases. You deserve the utmost respect, what we take for granted you challenge everyday.

So I urge you, take a moment and just inhale the good shit and exhale the bad shit. Life is short appreciate your lungs.

eminim xo


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