The K-Addiction.

There’s a lot of debate about the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan and I recently watched a video of Tim Gunn explain what he thought about them and it seriously put things into perspective.

He said he didn’t think much about the West fashion line and that it was “a bunch of basic clothes”. Thumbs up Mr Gunn, I couldn’t agree more. Second of all, he mentioned that he didn’t care much for Kendall and that she was tainted by the “Kardashian aura”. Again, thumbs up Mr Gunn, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Then I watched a video by Annonymous –>  Annonymous – Message to Kanye West my goodness it has been the best video I have by far watched about them. I’m not a hypocrite I used to like Kanyes music and I used to like Kim Kardashian but after I discovered the hatred they have for Turkish people because of the Armenian genocide my opinion of this family changed. They claim that they are Armenian yet they do not speak a word of Armenian and then have the audacity to ridicule an entire nation based on on an event that happened 100 years ago. I understand that the genocide did occur, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t understand is why someone of your power can shape and do anything, would purposely shine light on a country. This pisses me off, because Kim Kardashian and her family have a massive following who idolise the shit out of them (for what reason I do not understand) and as a result by doing this you’ve made a huge bunch of people become racist whether they are aware of the Armenian/Turkish genocide I have no idea but the fact that they purposely sit there and discuss it on their show is what annoys me. Someone at their power can help shape and change lives but they choose not too and thats why I think the Kardashians are a joke and a disgrace to our time.

Annonymous puts it waayyyyyy better then I do. He mentions that “they’re a couple who has sacrificed their morality for attention … “, “demonstrate irresponsible behaviour ….”, ” condone society to embrace perversity”. In reality, we are all victims of social media, everyone is lost souls jumping on the Kardashian-West bandwagon. What we fail to realise that by jumping on this bandwagon we are subconsciously accepting that what they stand for is just and correct but in reality you’re “just a slave in a cycle of stupidity and distraction”.

o, eminim.


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