The K-Addiction.

There’s a lot of debate about the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan and I recently watched a video of Tim Gunn explain what he thought about them and it seriously put things into perspective.

He said he didn’t think much about the West fashion line and that it was “a bunch of basic clothes”. Thumbs up Mr Gunn, I couldn’t agree more. Second of all, he mentioned that he didn’t care much for Kendall and that she was tainted by the “Kardashian aura”. Again, thumbs up Mr Gunn, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Then I watched a video by Annonymous –>  Annonymous – Message to Kanye West my goodness it has been the best video I have by far watched about them. I’m not a hypocrite I used to like Kanyes music and I used to like Kim Kardashian but after I discovered the hatred they have for Turkish people because of the Armenian genocide my opinion of this family changed. They claim that they are Armenian yet they do not speak a word of Armenian and then have the audacity to ridicule an entire nation based on on an event that happened 100 years ago. I understand that the genocide did occur, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t understand is why someone of your power can shape and do anything, would purposely shine light on a country. This pisses me off, because Kim Kardashian and her family have a massive following who idolise the shit out of them (for what reason I do not understand) and as a result by doing this you’ve made a huge bunch of people become racist whether they are aware of the Armenian/Turkish genocide I have no idea but the fact that they purposely sit there and discuss it on their show is what annoys me. Someone at their power can help shape and change lives but they choose not too and thats why I think the Kardashians are a joke and a disgrace to our time.

Annonymous puts it waayyyyyy better then I do. He mentions that “they’re a couple who has sacrificed their morality for attention … “, “demonstrate irresponsible behaviour ….”, ” condone society to embrace perversity”. In reality, we are all victims of social media, everyone is lost souls jumping on the Kardashian-West bandwagon. What we fail to realise that by jumping on this bandwagon we are subconsciously accepting that what they stand for is just and correct but in reality you’re “just a slave in a cycle of stupidity and distraction”.

o, eminim.


1st November, 2015.

  • 4 Months of Terror
  • 600 plus people have lost their lives
  • 1 Party involved.

The Turkish president has won by a landslide, 49.5% of the population have voted for Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AKP). The last 4 months has seen nothing but blood shed, lives lost and families divided. While all this was happening, the President of Turkey blamed other parties namely HDP, ISIS/DEAS and the PKK. Meanwhile, those with a brain all know that it was neither of them but a fragment of Turkish Government Politics and propaganda.

Lets have a look at what has changed since the last election where it was a hung parliament in July. HDP, the Kurdish Party received 13% of the votes and was for the first time recognised in Turkish parliament with 80 seats, dropping the number of members of parliament for AKP in the July elections. Since then, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has done everything he can to paint an evil picture of HDP and he has definitely done a great job at that. He has used terror, war in the east and propaganda to get the Turkish people to vote for him. He made sure that the PKK and ISIS was a problem that he can only solve.  In light of all this, from July to November the number of votes for HDP dropped from 13% to 10%, dropping the number of seats in parliament. The whole purpose of RTE making sure HDP drop in votes so that he can obtain all the seats from HDP in yesterdays election. In doing so,  HDP received 10.5% of votes,  if they got votes drop below 9.9% then Mr Erdogan gets all the member seats in parliament and can easily make constitutional change without the need of referendum.

Thank goodness for the few people with brains who voted for HDP. By voting for HDP, you prevented AKP from making constitutional change.

I am so infuriated with all the younger generation of Turks. Do you not realise that this man is the reason for your unemployment? Your below award wage? You’re inability to travel? Just because he has built a road doesn’t mean he is a great person. What rights has he given you apart from practicing your religion? Without realising he has handcuffed you and your brain. He owns Atv and Sabah, and shuts down any TV network that speaks against the government. What do you think this is doing to you? This is actually blindfolding you? Preventing you to think outside the box and what are you doing …. voting for this man. We’re all quick to blame America and see the faults in what they do… Why can’t you do the same for your own country, the one you actually reside in. Question everything thats on TV and what you read in the paper. So many journalists have received penalties and jail time for actually doing their job and writing about corruption ordeals that Erdogan was involved in. These are things you cannot actually deny. Whether or not you realise this, this man is preventing you from making your own decisions, your own future, hindering yourself from growing and receding into a more secular, religious denoted lifestyle.

I am lucky I do not live in Turkey and for all the 50% of voters who voted for AKP do. Sooner, rather than later you will put everything together and realise just how fucked up this guy is and just how much of a sheep you all are.


B r e a t h e.

“He was a silent fighter, 

With a demon in his lung, 

That stole his breaths right from him, 

Before they’d hardly passed his tongue. 

She was a silent fighter, 

Who was always taught to share, 

And held her breath when she was with him, 

Just so he could have her air”.

I saw this quote recently and it completely describes my life. I have a brother who has been battling asthma his whole life, but for the last 3 years it has become so chronic that he has been admitted countless times to Intensive Care Unit for several weeks at a time. The last one, the hardest one to accept, the most tragic experience of all was probably the most difficult four weeks of my life.

It  occurred while we were overseas, and unfortunately he was in hospital for 4 weeks. The lows, cries, moments and thoughts were all so hard to accept. We endured the most hardest things, especially being in a different country made it the hardest. Although the doctors and nurses were so lovely, some were not. I guess we needed the hard reality but also needed to be positive, we were certain that our brother, our son will make out of this alive even though at times it was rather challenging.

We were told that his heart was working over time compensating for his deficient lungs. His heart was momentarily stopped. We were told to be prepared that we may lose him, that his situation was critical and to notify all family members.  Everyday I prayed that I would do anything to trade places with him, that I would donate my lungs just so he wouldn’t have his last breath which got me thinking about the function of our lungs.

Breathing, such a simple task we take for granted. Something that we are unconsciously completing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For some though, it is the biggest challenge. Here’s to all those individuals who battle with asthma, COPD, emphysema and other lung diseases. You deserve the utmost respect, what we take for granted you challenge everyday.

So I urge you, take a moment and just inhale the good shit and exhale the bad shit. Life is short appreciate your lungs.

eminim xo

The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Yesterday I went to the Turkish vs Iceland match in Konya, Turkey. It has always been my dream to witness Turkey play and win a game in Turkey and to finally tick this off the bucket list was something truly special that words or metaphors can not explain . . . Hats off to Selcuk Inan, he truly bended it like Beckham with a turkish flair.

Although one thing I didn’t enjoy was the whistling, chanting associated with the recent attacks that occurred in Ankara, my home town and the place where my family and relatives reside.

It’s so unfortunate that 106 people passed away in hopes for a peaceful tomorrow. We don’t know why, or who it was (just yet) but irregardless innocent people have died. Instead of getting respect during the 1 minute silence that they and they’re families duly require, they instead received whistles, cheers and chants. I can’t keep my mouth shut about this … I know its about football but going to a national team is about togetherness and leaving your differences at the door. There shouldn’t be you’re Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas, Sunni, Shia, Alevi, Turkish or Kurdish … It should be purely about the country that you’re following. For the first time in my life I was ashamed, ashamed at how stupid and ignorant we’ve all become. I don’t care what the reasons are, innocent people dying isn’t something that should be disrespected.

☾ the moment Turkey scored against Iceland, qualifying them into Euro 2016.
☾✩ the moment Turkey scored against Iceland,               qualifying them into Euro 2016.

eminim x